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hostwriter is a non-profit network connecting journalists around the world. As a member of hostwriter you can find colleagues for collaboration, advice or even a couch to stay on.

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How can hostwriter help you in your work as a journalist?

find a story

find a storyEND
Would you like to write a story about media activism in Egypt? Are you looking for people who camped out at Tahrir Square three years ago and documented the revolution?

Then maybe Hassan Ali Ghazaly can help you out, he’s our ambassador in Cairo and witnessed the revolution first hand.

find a colleague

Are you inquiring about the rise of right-wing parties in Europe? Or have you done intensive research in France but you lack information from the rest of the Euro-Zone?

Then maybe you can collaberate with Michael Stang, Jenni Roth or Matthias Kolb. Our hostwriters can provide case studies from Germany, Finland and the Baltic states.
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find a couch

find a couchEND
Are you a journalism student heading to Bhopal India to investigate the effects of the gas tragedy that happened 30 years ago? Or are you looking for a private place to stay to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday-life of the locals?

Then maybe you can get in touch with Gaurav Chandra who is based in Bhopal and has been covering the fallout of the desaster for over 10 years and might have a couch for you to crash on.


Our goal is to spread the word to find new members all over the world. Would you like to join our team? Become a hostwriter ambassador.

Ömer Madra – ambassador for Turkey

Pauline Tillmann – ambassador for Russia

Hassan Ali Ghazaly – ambassador for Egypt

Juliane Metzker – ambassador for Germany and Lebanon

Meet the hostwriter ambassadors on our YouTube channel

who’s behind hostwriter

hostwriter was founded in Germany by three female journalists who built up the non-profit organization on a voluntary basis to create a global network for collaborative journalism.

Journalists have always been helping each other our vision is to institutionalize this idea.

Tamara Anthony ARD, Berlin


Tamara Anthony


Tabea Grzeszyk

hostwriter puts you on the ground and in contact with real people who share your passion.

Tabea Grzeszyk freelance journalist, Berlin

Share a contact, collaborate for research or offer a place to stay; Itʻs your choice.

Sandra Zistl freelance journalist, Munich

Sandra Zistl

Sandra Zistl

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